Know Pressure Treated Wood

Getting the Most Life Out of Your New Deck or Fence

Pressure treated wood has come a long way in the last decade. Remember green pressure treated wood, that’s been taken over by new types like brown or MicroSienna pressure treated wood. At DMC Custom Creations we prefer to use MicroPro Sienna over any other brands.

What is pressure treated wood?

Pressure treated wood is wood that has gone through a chemical process. The pressure treatment process forces a chemical preservative into the wood. Wood is then placed inside a closed cylinder, then vacuum and pressure are applied to force the preservatives into the wood. These preservatives help protect the wood from attack by termites, other insects, and decay.

When can I stain my deck?

Ideally, the wood should be completely dry from the treating process. Allowing it to dry throughout, this generally takes two weeks but may take up to eight. Testing to see if the wood is dry is as easy as sprinkling the wood’s surface with water in a test section. If the water beads up, the wood is too wet and you should wait before applying a finish. If the water soaks into the wood, then it’s dry and ready for stain.

Can I paint my deck?

The same rule of thumb can be used as stain, wood should be completely dry from the treating process. Use a primer first before painting, especially because pressure treated wood is so picky about holding onto the paint. Paint on a deck will only hold if properly applied, follow the manufacturer’s steps, even this may not be enough for it to hold. DMC Custom Creations recommends using a water repellant stain with your deck.